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Indonesia TAMARIND Supplier

A type of fruit with a sour taste that has a variety of benefits. One of the function is good for the body and health. Tamarind also widely used in Asian cooking.

Indonesia CANDLE NUT Supplier

A type of nut which is mostly used as oils for health. One of the benefits is for a cosmetic product like soap and shampoo. This candlenut also used as Asian kitchen ingredients.

Indonesia GARLIC Supplier

Plants with many benefits that have been used for a long fine ago as a food flavoring, medical treatment and basic ingredients of cuisine.

Indonesia CORRIANDER Supplier

A plant which popular as a spice or added ingredients in foods. It has a round shape - like pepper and aromatic flavor. Coriander also useful for health such as digestion, cold and flu.

Indonesia GROUND NUT Supplier

The groundnut or peanut is one of the legume crops. It widely used as food ingredients such as peanut butter, snack, food, beverage, peanut candy and many more.

Indonesia GREEN MUNG BEANS Supplier

A kind of legumes, which has many benefits for everyday life. has a high protein content and is an important source of minerals, including calcium and phosphorus. While the fat content is unsaturated fatty acids.

Green beans also contain multi proteins which function to replace dead cells and help the growth of body cells, therefore children and women who have just given birth are encouraged to consume them.