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How To Choose Good Quality Indonesia Tamarind?

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 22 Jul 2024

Indonesia Tamarind is often added in dishes because of its natural sour taste.

Indonesia Tamarind is one of the natural spices produced by tamarind trees. Indonesia Tamarind is long in shape with bulkheads containing seeds covered in soft, brownish fruit flesh. Generally this fruit flesh is used to give a natural taste to the cuisine.

Indonesia Tamarind provided by PT Tiga Rasa Indonesia as an Indonesian Tamarind Supplier is sold in a seedless form, spherical like a ball or in a rectangular solid shape. There are also those sold with the seeds. The color is light brown to old and blackish brown.

If you want to get the authentic Indonesia Tamarind, you can get it at the Indonesian Tamarind Supplier such as PT Tiga Rasa Indonesia with the color dark brown. This indicates that the Javanese acid of Indonesia is still original and of good quality. While the blackish ones are generally seedless and cooked to form like pasta. This type of acid has a sharp aroma. Because sometimes thickener is added so that the acid becomes solid when formed.

To use, take the Indonesia Tamarind to taste, then pour hot water and let it sit for a while. Squeeze the Indonesia Tamarind and strain it. Javanese acidic water is ready to be added to the cuisine. Can also be directly inserted into the dish.